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  ** Hotel Sra. da Conceição
  Avenida Cidade de Coimbra, 217
  3070-761 Praia de Mira

  Tel/Fax: (+351)231 471 645
  GPS: N40 27.340 W8 47.920





2019-10-20 22:12:07

Código Promocional

TURISMO DE PORTUGAL, I.P. Unidade hoteleira registada
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Handmade Fishing

The Art Xávega and boats in the form of half-moon are a hallmark of this beach, activity that is worth visiting. The daily work takes place on both ends of the beach.

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Dis you know?
The Art Xávega is one of the oldest processes of fishing
, having been falling into disuse in recent decades, while subsistence activity, being preserved as a cultural activity.

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